sharing a few Rcodes…

Not being an especially hardcore R programmer, I did not think at first that the simple Rcodes I wrote during my PhD would be of interest to anyone but me. I did wonder if I should include my codes as supplementary information in my papers, but, facing the rush of final deadlines and the fact that, fundamentally, the methods I was using were not entirely new, I abandoned the idea.

In the past year, however, a number of people, mostly students, have asked me if they could have a look at my R codes. I suspect they were mostly looking for some coding ‘inspiration’ (i.e. to have a basis on which to build their own code), but I also realized that they were interested because it is often the best (only?) way to really grasp what the authors have done. After all, most of my R-coding know-how has been acquired from delving into the well-polished codes of experienced mentors (thanks Olivier!), and making them mine.

So here is a new page with a collection of a few R functions, mostly dealing with analyzing functional and phylogenetic community structure to detect community assembly patterns.  These are all modest and certainly imperfect codes, so please do not hesitate to send me useful feedback! I will be adding new ones along the way, as well as links to other interesting R code sources.

3 thoughts on “sharing a few Rcodes…

  1. Hi Maud,

    Thanks for sharing the R-codes – this is awesome. I noticed that the hyperlink under “So here is a new page” does not really work. – I think you meant to insert this link in there, or:

    I am thinking on starting R User group (here at Tulane University, USA) and I wonder if the data that work with this code (superb programming skills!) is available somewhere?

    Any help much appreciated,

    1. Hey Pawel,
      Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you are interested in these r scripts. It is pretty great if they can be used as a topic of discussion for an R group. And thanks for letting me know about the broken link, it should be fixed now..
      I will contact you about the data 🙂

      Cheers, Maud

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